Our History

We are natives of Johnson County having been born and raised here. We have been blessed to have lived here our entire lives, so we know the county, the history and the local culture. This has given us the insight to strategically make real estate purchases based on residential needs, economic realities and growth patterns. Once we retired from our long term careers, we decided to enter the rental property business and have been actively involved in purchasing key properties in the right areas for over 15 years.

We have grown to be one of the largest property rental companies in the Northeast Tennessee area specializing in medium priced long term residential property rentals. We only rent and sale properties that we own, so we know our properties, their histories and their maintenance records, which means that we can discuss our properties in detail providing confidence to both personal home buyers and real estate investors.


Personal Home Buyers

As some of our long term leases expire, we make some of these properties available for purchase while they are vacant. This allows personal home buyers to have the freedom to view empty houses and conduct detailed inspections. This also allows for them to purchase homes for immediate occupancy or to plan and implement desired renovations or expansions before moving into their new home.


Real Estate Investors

Since most of our properties have existing tenants, real estate investors can purchase good rental properties with existing tenants and immediately have a current revenue stream. They can then renew the existing tenant leases as they expire to keep the income or can chose to empty the properties to make any renovations or expansions as they desire. This allows a real estate investor to have the flexibility to plan the   property cash flow according to their needs.




Johnson County is ideally located in Northeast Tennessee and is an outdoor paradise that provides a unique rural area that borders four high growth areas. The southeast side of the county borders the busy North Carolina High Country which is home to Appalachian State University. The northwest side of the county borders the thriving tourist area of Damascus, VA which is home to the famous Virginia Creeper Trail. The west side of the county borders the large Bristol, TN and VA area. The south side of the county borders growing Carter County and is home to beautiful Watauga Lake, Watauga Dam and Watauga River.

Our county provides one of the last undeveloped and affordable areas to live in between all of these thriving and crowded areas. Many people that work in these busy areas have chosen our county in which to live, because it is not crowded, still affordable and only a short drive to work in these surrounding busy areas. Our area is a great choice to locate whether you are still working or if you have been able to retire.


Real Estate Inquiry